Why Do People Have To Be Shortlisted For Recruitment?

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Thinking that everyone should be called to take up any position they applied for during recruitment is a wrong mindset. You can’t just give an appointment or position to someone because he or she has a certificate. A certificate does not guarantee the capacity of that person because a certificate can be forged.

You need to examine the person and see his or her abilities from different angles. Don’t just be deceived with a certificate because, after employment, you might regret your actions. Always ensure that you conduct a proper interview before letting anyone work in your company or organization.

Most people don’t take the background of their employees seriously because they think it’s not part of the requirements. It might not be part of the interview requirements but at least knowing something important about the background of who you want to employ means a lot.

Interact with him or her and make it seem as if it is just a normal conversation. Don’t be too serious, so that you can know the hidden things about your employee. Even if you know that they are not qualified for the job, there is how you talk to them and you revive their hope and belief which will make them sit up and continue pushing until they reach their destination.

Life isn’t good for everyone, so if you are in a position to help or encourage anyone, just do it wholeheartedly. People are really passing through hell on earth, so don’t try to add more salt to their injuries.

Intellectual ability is what you need to consider when conducting a recruitment interview after the background check. I know you might ask questions in your mind why all this should be considered instead of the educational qualifications.

Well, let me tell you this; an educational qualification does not necessarily entail the person’s intellectual abilities. Someone without a certificate can do very well in some aspects more than someone with a certificate that’s why they say that ‘Experience is the best teacher’.

Experience is an eye-opener when it comes to life. They are something in life we do out of our own experience not because we were taught in school or we have a certificate attached to it.

 There are some interview questions that need high intellectual ability before you can answer them. In that aspect, if you were a kind that only relies on your certificates, do you think your certificate will answer the question for you? No, it won’t. That’s why it’s necessary to have experience and be intellectually sound too.

Don’t just employ someone out of pity to work for you because you will blame yourself for making a wrong decision at the right time. Make sure you employ someone competent to work for you.

Why Do People Have To Be Shortlisted For Recruitment?

You can’t just give employment to everyone who applied for a particular job position in your company, so at that point, you need to shortlist people whom you believe have the capacity to do the job successfully and even work under pressure. And, these people are shortlisted based on their academic degree, document, and ability to adhere to the job requirements.

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