Best Sex Positions To Try Out With Your Partner

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Having a good time with your partner in the bedroom happens to be the most enjoyable time of your life because the feeling that comes with it is nothing to ride home about. The eye contact, the body movement, the soft-spoken words, and the smiles.

Knowing how to satisfy your woman in bed is another way to make her love you the more because it’s not every man can do that. It takes a great man to be able to satisfy her woman naturally without taking any herbs or drugs.

So, at that point, we have come up with a great article that will guide you in the best position to hit your woman’s ‘V’ spot and make her scream at the top of her voice.

 Best Sex Positions To Try Out With Your Partner

Side Cuddle

Lying on your side already provides a comfortable starting point that lets you either face each other for vaginal penetration or spoon for vaginal or anal.

If facing each other, reach down and take reign of their strap-on or peen and gently maneuver it to get just the right angle and thrust.

If spooning for rear entry, use your buttocks to control the depth and pace so it feels good for both. Use your hand as a buffer between you and your partner to help keep the depth to your comfort zone.

The Duo

The duo can accommodate any type of penetration or self-pleasure — or a delicious combo of both with a view of all the action to boot!

The receiving partner lies on their back with their legs spread apart to allow their partner to kneel in between. Where you take it from there your dynamic duo, is totes up to you.

For vaginal or anal penetration with a penis, fingers, or toy, adjust your pelvis to accommodate entry and find your rhythm. Clit, nipple, or dick stim is within easy reach.

If you want to skip penetration, this position is perfect for mutual masturbation and erogenous play.

The Boycott

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still experiencing pain, especially with penetration then it’s time to boycott penetration for a little bit.

Don’t fret, because now’s the perfect time to give 69 a try. Simply lie on your back and have your partner climb on so you’re facing mouth-to-genitals.

Once you’re in position, make the most of this double dose of oral by using your lips and tongue, as well as your digits and hands.

PS: You’re just the slip of a tongue or finger from B-town, so if you’re both cool with rimming or butt play, mix things up. Just be sure not to go from back to front without cleaning up first.

Positions To Prolong Your Play

Want a position that’s comfortable for the long haul, or just looking to extend your pleasure any way you can?

Here are three positions to prolong your play.

Lazy Doggy

Lie flat on your front and have your partner lie on top with their elbows on the bed at your sides for support.

If penetration’s on the menu, tilt your pelvis as needed for shallow A or V entry. The tight fit will feel incredible but the shallow depth and comfy position will help you both last.

No penetration? No problem! Slip a vibrator under your pelvis for stimulation while your partner rubs on you, sliding between your butt cheeks.

Table for Two

Stand facing a table, bend over, and have your partner stand close behind you. Support your body weight on the table and raise your hips to meet your genitals.

Keeping your legs together, reach back with one hand to guide their penis or strap-on into your V or A only as deep as is comfortable. Have them stay still while you move back and forth in a rhythm that works.

Easy Glider

Have your partner sit in a sturdy chair, straddle their lap, and ride or glide. In other words, move down onto their penis or dildo to enter your V or A and ride. Or, rest your genitals on theirs and glide to your heart’s and loin’s content.

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