Why Is It So Hard To Get A Job?

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Believing in yourself is half the battle. With the dwindling economy in many countries around the world, there is no doubt that there are lots of frustrated job seekers roaming around the streets in search of jobs.

Millions of young people have shared their experiences about how difficult it was before they found a job to settle for, so it’s cool to feel that way.

If for a while now all you’ve been doing is updating your resume, rewriting your cover letter, and sending it to various companies in the country yet it seems you’re stuck in a rock, relax, you’ll get through it.

I’ll share some factors that make it kind of difficult to get a job these days, plus some tips to help you bypass those factors.

1. Population

It’s no news that there are over twelve billion people on earth, about 35% of the entire population of people in the world are skilled in the things you do. The world has become so populated that everyone is breaking their ranks, everyone is doing the same thing, and applying for the same jobs. It’s crazy, but I thought to remind you that population is one of the top reasons getting a job is hard.


I see ten women cluster in a particular street, selling roasted corn every evening, yet none of them leave without selling off all their goods. Yes, the world is populated, but if you have the quality to offer, then you have so much to offer and believe me, it won’t be long before you get hired despite the job insecurities all over the world.

2. Company’s Spec

So, imagine if there’s a job offer for just ten professionals, but the applicants who attend the interview are over a hundred, what do you think will happen? Let me fill you in, when these companies notice the level of competition for the position, they’ll become picky and go for the very best, that is, applicants who meet up their requirements and who are their absolute spec, so I hope you understand why it’s hard to get a good job from this angle.


In this case, the only thing that will help is just expertise. Become that part of the job you’ll be applying for; if it’s Data Analysis, become so good at it that companies will have no choice but to choose you first.

3. Your Resumè Says You Have Little To Offer

Sometimes you could be so good but your letter or resume doesn’t do justice to your skill. Aside from going in search of connoisseurs in a field, hiring managers feel they can pick up a diamond in the rough by simply taking a peek at their resume, and this could be where you get disqualified.


Hire a professional CV writer to do justice to your resume, and provide him/her with an up-to-date profile so they can write you a compelling CV. Who knows managers might get attracted to you through reading your resume, so take my advice, and don’t joke with your resume.

4. Your Performance During The Interview Could Be The Spoiler

It’s pivotal to go through possible interview questions before you step out of your house for an interview, you can never tell where the blow will come from. Hiring managers can decide to go cold that day and ask you questions you never imagined, your ability to put up with the pressure at that moment has a lot to say about who you are.


Most times interview questions are just to see how firm you can be when you’re under pressure, so try to defend yourself, and say something reasonable, it might be incorrect, but better to answer an interview question than give a mute reply.

5. Network

The mistake most job seekers make is that they think they can just get jobs by miracle, but they fail to understand that sometimes they’ll need more than just a miracle, they’ll need to outsource the jobs for themselves. Don’t fold, or sit still hoping on visual jobs, go global.


Use tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Upwork, and some other job searching platforms to stay afloat on the latest job opportunities in the locality, your country, or anywhere else in the world.

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