What Course Should I Study To Become A Billionaire?

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There’s a general misconception that studying some courses can make you rich, but the truth is told, there’s nothing like a course that makes you rich. It’s usually not all about the money, but the value you can offer that attracts wealth to you.

Don’t get it twisted, there are a lot of people who study these courses I’m about to list out yet are still as poor as can be, so what’s the dichotomy? As I said earlier, it’s all about what you can offer. There are Engineers and pilots who are richer than their peers, figure out why that is so.

I’ll confuse you here, yes, there are some courses you study that can make you become a billionaire, offering you not only a good salary but also a lifetime of wealth and financial independence.

7. MBA

People talk a lot about this where I come from because they understand the influence of business masters class in finance. The average salary increase before to after an MBA in the US is 50%.

Masters in Business administration will in a way skyrocket your salary to another level that you didn’t expect. However, courses like this will demand that you must have completed a degree already, but then this course can change your life, and help you become a billionaire.

6. Law

This is no lie because the average salary of a lawyer in the UK for the first 5 years is between £30,000 and £54,000, and that’s a lot, then consider the average salary of a lawyer in the next 15 years, you’ll come up with a ridiculous amount.

Studying Law may be difficult, but this is one of those courses that can turn you into a billionaire if you understand the rudiment, and you’re ready to pay the price of greatness.

However, so you don’t jump on the course like it’s some get-rich-quick course, you need to understand that this isn’t only about graduating as a first-class student, it’s equally about knowing how to wag your tail, winning cases in court and apply the administrative ability to get things done.

5. Computer Science

The pace at which the advent of computers has taken over the world is glaring enough that even a child can see. Studying computer science in any university is a chance to sell what you do because the world will tow that path once anything technology hits the globe.

It is no news that most of the billionaires we have are geniuses where technology is concerned, and the average salary of a computer science graduate is more than $60,000 for a graduate straight out of college.

If you think that’s much then you should know that the average salary of Software developers at Google or Facebook is about $120,000 annually making this one of the most lucrative courses. However, the bulk of the money is if you can build your own software.

4.  Mathematics

Graduates who studied mathematics in Universities usually earn their place as some of the world’s richest billionaires ever.

The good thing about this course aside from the salary is that there are lots of sectors where mathematics graduates can work such as Engineering, Finance, Science, Public service, etc. Thus, there are not limited.

3. Politics

As one of the oldest professions in the world, politics has birth hundreds of philosophers, and even today, politicians are still rising up the ladder of power and wealth. Politics isn’t limited to senatorial or presidential jobs, some politicians are authors, public speakers, etc, so even after leaving the leadership ring, politicians still stay relevant and wealthy.

Politicians need strategy, and people to really excel at a great pace. Politicians who are excellent strategists are billionaires regardless of where they come from.

2. Economics / Finance

As the world evolves every day, we realize that we’re tilting towards economics and financial stability, that’s what each country aims for at the moment, so it shouldn’t come as news to you that some of the world’s billionaires studied Economics or Finance.

Business Insider has revealed that the highest-paying finance jobs on Wall Street can earn you over $20 million while working in the banking sector can also bring in a truly handsome salary. Working in the finance sector could be stressful, but it’s actually very lucrative.

1. Engineering

Grazing our list as number one in Engineering. This is one of the most difficult courses, yet one of the key lucrative courses that has produced billionaires.

Some billionaires in the field include; Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim, Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, and more.

These courses can help you, but the bulk of the job rests on you if you must become a billionaire, do take it, and make it worthwhile.

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