10 Solutions To Unemployment In Africa

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No matter how much we try to tackle unemployment, it’s like scratching on the same old boil over and over which will only cause more bruises if we do not deal with it from the root.

Africa, like every other continent in the world, has had its fair share of the menace of unemployment, and funny enough, this particular plague has spread throughout every country in the continent crippling the economy of the countries it has held bound really tight. How do we deal with it for good? That is the purpose of this article.

What Is Unemployment?

Unemployment is referred to as the condition where a country’s workforce or individuals of employable status actively seek jobs yet do not get any. When defining unemployment, we shouldn’t fail to include individuals who are working but do not have actually jobs like Mason men.

We however cannot continue coping with the jinx, let’s see how we can beat it with these 10 Solutions To Unemployment In Africa.

1. Prioritize Educational System

“We need to redefine the way we view education”

It’s creepy how we were lured to believe that education is the key to a country’s sustainable development yet we are slapped in the face by the decaying situation of education in African countries.

The reason most of our youths do not do their best in tertiary institutions is because of the knowledge that there are no jobs anymore after studies, the issue of unemployment has further reduced the value of education in our country and should be addressed.

These two categories of people should start redefining the way they view education: first the government and then all of us.

2. Learn Vocational Skills

In most countries, it’s already glaring that most citizens do not earn their incomes doing what they studied in school, most of them earn from skills they were able to pick up along the way. While searching for white-collar jobs, it is important to learn some vocational skills, which could come in handy during rainy days.

3. Change Our Agricultural System

It is undeniable that agriculture has posed as one of the biggest sources of employment and revenue in different countries in Africa over the years and still is. To this end, this could be one of the surest solutions to unemployment if utilized properly, governments should modify the agricultural sector, while individuals should not be scared about getting their hands dirty.

4. Build Industries

Let’s admit it, the creation of industries is a way to not only curb but equally reduce the rate of unemployment in Africa. With industries scattered around each country, new graduates will be filled with hope that they’ll have what to fall back on right after school.

5. Assistance To Self Employed Youths

Grants and assistance should be rendered to self-employed youths especially those in the agricultural sector, trade, and cottage. This assistance will help them expand their businesses and grow, and in this way limit the rate of unemployment in Africa.

6. Soft Skills Acquisition

It’s no longer news with the advent of technology that new soft skills are not slowly dominating the world. Today, people prefer to work remotely, and soft skills that you get to do in the comfort of your homes have been welcomed with open arms all over Africa.

7. Birth Rate Control

In a country where an average man has over five kids whom he can barely feed because he has no tangible source of income, the birth rate should be controlled in order to curb overpopulation, high levels of unemployment, and crime.

8. Establishment Of More Facilities

Hospitals, schools, TV houses, and other governmental or private institutions should be established in favor of the citizens of the country as a means of solving the unemployment menace.

9. Decentralization Of Industries All Over The Countries

The thing is, building establishments in just one state in a country cannot solve the issue of unemployment, maybe in one state, but not all over that country. Hence, industries should be built in every state and region in each country of the world.

10. Change Of Seasonal Unemployment Policy

Especially in the agricultural sector where plants are grown in seasons if that can be modified, more crops are grown, and other forms of farming such as horticulture, dairying, plantation, cucumber farming, and animal husbandry is encouraged, this can reduce the seasonal policy of unemployment.

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